What is Bacs?

Bacs is a simple cost effective funds transfer service which enables you to make electronic payments directly into bank accounts. Bacs is an acronym for Bankers Automated Clearing System.

How it works

Using Bacs is very straightforward. All you do is provide the payment details to Bacs electronically. This can be done directly from your own computer using our software known as BacscomIP. BacscomIP software is approved by Bacs. You confirm details of all the payments or debits you want to collect as well as the relevant sort code and bank account details, the amount and date on which you wish the payment to be credited or debited. Once the information is received, it is checked by Bacs and a confirmation report is returned to you.

Benefits for business

As the Bacs process is electronic, it removes the need for repetitive form filling, writing cheques and also reduces the number of payments going missing. The knowledge of when payments are to be processed through your bank helps the management of cash flow and offers better financial control, not only to your business, but also to your customers and suppliers.

Direct Debit

Bacs can be used to collect payments. You can use Direct Debit to collect regular payments such as fees, subscriptions, rents etc.. It can also be used to for irregular payments such as supplier invoices.

Direct Credit

Bacs isn't just meant for salaries. You can also use Bacs Direct Credit to pay supplier payments, pensions, employee expenses, dividends etc.

3 Day Cycle


Day One

Input day, when files are submitted to Bacs


Day Two

Processing day, when the file/files are processed by Bacs


Day Three

Debit/credit day, when the payments reach the bank account