Bacs Software - Cloud Edition

As well as our Windows desktop edition, Bacscom is available in the cloud. Cloud based applications run on our servers "in the cloud", sometimes described as Software as a Service (SaaS). Bacscom in the cloud provides all the same functionality as our desktop solution but the software is accessed from your web browser. Bacscom Cloud is a secure and cost effective way of making Bacs payments (direct credits) and Bacs collections (direct debits).

Getting set up in the cloud could not be simpler. We will manage the set up of your database on our servers and create an account for you so you can log on from any PC with a browser. Our engineer will create a setup to allow you to import payment and direct debit files from your existing financial packages. We also handle the Bacs testing you will be required to undergo if you are a new Bacs user or if you are switching solution supplier. We also handle the day to day management of the servers and their regular backups.

Some of the benefits of the cloud

  • You can sign up and be up and running very quickly. No software required on your PC to get started other than the card reading software. 1
  • Bacscom is accessible from any internet connected browser
  • You pay for your usage rather than the traditional method of paying licenses for each PC the software is installed on.
  • Our cloud addition is already compliant with with the new internet security standards Bacs are implementing. (From 13 June 2016 Bacs will only support TLS 1.1 and 1.2.)

Is a cloud solution right for you?

Mosaic Software have both Cloud and Desktop versions of its popular Bacs software so we would like to find a solution that meets your needs. Cloud based software will be right for those customers who wish to pass some of the tasks, such as backups and software maintenance, to a specialist company to manage. Cloud software will not suit every customer. Customers who prefer an in-house desktop solution installed on PCs and servers should review our desktop solutions click here.

Cloud pricing structure

One of the benefits of cloud based software is the pay as you go pricing model. We have created a pricing structure that means you will have a very low cost of entry and will only pay for the trasactions you send to Bacs.

Bacs TLS and SHA-2 migration

Bacscom Cloud is ready for the SHA-2 and TLS migration which will be implemented by Bacs in June 2016. If you are facing considerable costs to upgrade your exisitng Bacs solution then consider switching to our cloud based solution. Our installation engineer can have you up and running in double quick time, so no fear of missing the Bacs deadline.

1If you plan to transmit to Bacs from a particular PC you will need to install Gemalto eSigner

Bacscom Cloud in summary

  • Low cost of entry.
  • No large initial licence fees
  • Pay only for what you use with low transaction charges
  • Fully supports AUDDIS, ADDACS, and ARUDD reports from BACS
  • Mosaic Software is a Bacs Approved Solution Supplier (BASS)
  • Bacscom Cloud is Bacs Approved Software
  • Pay salaries, wages, supplier payments or any other payments by Direct Credit.
  • Collect subscriptions, club fees, insurance premiums or any other collections by Direct Debit
  • Regular updates of the ISCD to validate sort codes.
  • Modulus check performed on sort code and account combination.
  • The very latest security, ready for the TLS and SHA-2 migration

Some help with the acronyms.

  • SHA-2 - SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2).
  • TLS - Transport Layer Security.