Direct Debit Indemnity Claim Automation (DDICA)

From October, Bacs will start the process to automate the Direct Debit Indemnity Claims procedure. All banks must implement the new procedure by the 30th April 2011 after which the paper based indemity claims will be withdrawn. For direct debit originators, this means you will start to receive indemnity claims as a downloaded report in the same way you currently receive ADDACS and ARUDD reports and Input reports.

BacscomIP has an upgrade available so you will be able to download the DDICA report directly from within your Bacs software application. Unlike some Bacs solution suppliers, Mosaic Software are providing the upgrade free of charge to customers with a support contract.

If your existing solution supplier is charging you for the upgrade then please come and talk to us as we are offering a special discount to Bacs software users switching from their existing suppliers.

If you require further information on the changes Bacs are making to the indemnity claims process then please contact us or telephone us on 01355 272641.