Supplier Payments by Bacs

Making Supplier Payments by Bacs saves considerable time and money. Using direct credit by Bacs also saves your supplier time and money so almost all suppliers are happy to receive their payments by Bacs direct transfer into their bank account. As soon as the supplier receives the payment by Bacs, the funds are cleared and available for use.

How making supplier payments by Bacs saves you time and money

Even the supplier saves time and money

Mosaic Software's BacscomIP is Bacs Approved Software and is widely recognised as one of the best value for money Bacs Software Packages on the market today. It can interface to most accounting software packages. It is simple to use, secure and very fast.

If you need assistance in moving to direct credit for supplier payments then please give us a call on 01355 272641 or click the quick enquiry button.

BacscomIP in summary

  • Mosaic Software is a Bacs approved solution supplier
  • BacscomIP is Bacs Approved Software
  • Pay salaries, wages, supplier payments or any other payments by Direct Credit
  • Collect subscriptions, club fees, insurance premiums or any other collections by Direct Debit
  • Regular updates of the ISCD to validate sort codes.
  • Modulus check performed on sort code and account combination.
  • Secure, uses 128 bit encryption

Some help with the acronyms.

  • AUDDIS - Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service.
  • ADDACS - Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service.
  • ARUDD - Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits.
  • DDAN - Direct Debit Advance Notice.