HSBCnet file upload requires a file in Standard 18 Format. While the file structure conforms to Standard 18 file structure there are a few fields which have a non-standard use. FileMaker takes account of the non-standard elements to create your file in exactly the format that HSBCnet expects.

The following screenshots demonstrate the creation of a HSBCnet Standard 18 file from a simple CSV file which might be obtained from a payroll application.


Typically your payroll application might provide some of the data you need, such as the bank sort code, bank account number, payee name, amount and the payment reference as seen in the screenshot below. (That is your Input File)

Screenshot of Input File


FileMaker has a tool to allow you to build a filter which is used to interpret the input file

Screenshot of Filter Builder

Additional Information

FileMaker recognises that some elements are missing and will prompt you for the missing information needed to correctly build the HSBCnet Standard 18 file. Note that it is on this form that you can define the file to be created as a standard Bacs file or as a Faster Payments file. FileMaker will set up the fields in the HSBCnet file appropriately.

Screenshot of Additonal Information


You can see from the output tab that the Standard 18 file has been created and that the file has had the appropriate header and trailer records created.

Screenshot of Output File