Create Bank EFT Files From a Variety of Accounting and Payroll Packages

Bank's Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) file formats can be onerous to create if your accounting or payroll application does not support the specific format you require. Even finding the specification for the file format can at times be difficult.

Mosaic's Bank File Maker supports a wide variety of file formats. It can convert from an accounting or payroll file format into the format required by your bank's EFT application. We have already developed templates for dozens of bank file formats including Bacs, Winbits, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (Royline), Barclays business Master to name but a few. Without a means of converting file formats you are often left with no choice other than to manually enter the data into the bank's EFT application. This can be both time consuming and tedious but it is also prone to error.

Once the appropriate filters are set up in FileMaker, it becomes a one button operation to make your file when you need it, completely avoiding the time consuming task of manually entering data into the Bank's payment software. Many accounting software packages do not provide a comprehensive set of file formats for transferring data from the accounts package into your bank's payment software. Often the only option you have is to manually rekey the payments. FileMaker performs conversions from one file format to another.

Bank/Organisation EFT Format Description
Bacs Bacs. UK Clearing System

Although you must use Bacs Approved Software to send payments and direct debits directly to Bacs, the Standard 18 format has been widely adopted by many organisations as a standard for Electronic Funds Transfer. It has fixed format data records with a number of header records and trailer records.

More information on the Bacs Standard 18 format
Bank of Ireland WINBITS
Bank of Scotland BOBS SEF
Bank of Scotland CHOBS
Clydesdale Bank Telebank CSV File Format. More information on Telebank file format.
Barclays Bank Business Master CSV File Format. More information on Barclays Business Master format.
HSBC Hexagon BACS HSBC Hexagon Local Bacs Payments.
HSBC HSBCnet HSBCnet file format.
National Irish Bank
Northern Bank of Ireland Telebank CSV file format. More information on the Telebank file format.
Royal Bank of Scotland Royline
Yorkshire Bank Telebank CSV file format. More information on the Telebank file format

FileMaker in summary

  • Makes it easy to convert an accounting or payroll file format to your bank or EFT file format
  • Creates files in the correct format for most Banks Payment Software
  • Template available for many accounting and payroll software applications
  • Easy to use interface to generate bank files from non-standard accounting packages