Bacs Approved Bureau Software

If you are a Bacs Approved Bureau then we have Bacs Software which allows you to transmit your clients' files to Bacs. Licensing is extremely simple, we do not place limitations on the number of files you can send in a single Bacs transmission or the number of transactions those files contain.

  • Very simple and intuitive to use
  • Fast and secure
  • Automatic regular updates of the ISCD complying with the new Bacs legislation on the frequency of ISCD updates
  • Can but used for all Direct Debits including Memberships, Subscriptions, Maintenance Contracts, School fees
  • Can be used for all types of Direct Credit, such as Supplier payments, Payroll payments, Pensions
  • Includes the highest levels of security, using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and smart cards
  • We have now incorporated new hash code field Bacs require for HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) "Interim Solution"

Competitive and fair pricing

We take pride in providing software at a fair price. Our licensing model is simple. You licence a copy of the software and pay for support. We do not add in transaction charges or have limitations on the number of files you can transmit to Bacs. Unlike our competitors, we do not end of life our products and force you to pay for upgrades. Our upgrades come as part of your software package as long as you continue to pay your support fee.

BacscomIP in summary

  • Mosaic Software is a Bacs Approved Solution Supplier (BASS)
  • BacscomIP Bureau is Bacs Approved Software
  • Pay your bureau clients salaries, wages, supplier payments or any other payments by Direct Credit.
  • Pay your bureau clients Collect subscriptions, club fees, insurance premiums or any other collections by Direct Debit
  • Regular updates of the ISCD to validate sort codes.
  • Modulus check performed on sort code and account combination.
  • Secure, uses 128 bit encryption

Some help with the acronyms.

  • AUDDIS - Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service.
  • ADDACS - Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service.
  • ARUDD - Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits.
  • DDAN - Direct Debit Advance Notice.