Managing Direct Debits in Golf Clubs

Golf clubs use a mixture of payment methods to collect membership subscriptions, ranging from standing orders, credit cards or even a bureau to manage the collection for them. Direct Debit is the most cost effective method of collection for subscriptions. Clubs like them, and so do the members. Managing your own direct debits is far less complex than you might think, keeping you in control of your money and saveing on the substantial charges made by a bureau. The software is on your own site, subscriptions come directly into your own bank account eliminating the risk and costs of a third party holding your funds.

Complete Direct Debit Management

Mandate Express provides a complete Direct Debit Management System in one simple to use software package. From automatically preparing the required direct debit advance notice letters, transmitting the collections into Bacs, handling the representations on failures, to maintaining a complete record of all payment history, Mandate Express simplifies the task of managing direct debits within a golf club.

Flexible frequencies

Mandate allows you the flexibility of setting up whatever payment frequency suits both you and your members. Whether it is monthly, four weekly, quarterly or annually, Mandate Express can make the direct debit collection at the appropriate time. If there are any problems with the collection you receive a Bacs report the very next day notifying you of the failure.

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A few golf clubs using Mandate Express/BacscomIP for Membership Collection: