Direct Debit Software - Hosted Service

Hosted Direct Debit Software offers a lower cost of entry into the management of direct debits. It is particularly advantageous to those organisations moving into direct debits for the first time. Mandate Hosted provides all the features and benefits of Mandate, but as a hosted service. This means that we provide the software on our secure servers and you gain access over the web.

Paying for the service could not be simpler. Unlike a bureau, we do not make charges for each new Direct Debit you set up. We do not make any transaction charges. This means that even if you create and collect 1000 direct debits there are no additional charges. All we charge is a simple, easy to understand annual charge.

A hosted service eliminates the need to maintain hardware, software and backups. This is an especially cost effective way of implementing Mandate for small to medium sized organisations with limited IT resources. Once we have created your database and account you can start to use the direct debit hosted service immediately. If you already have your SUN (Service User Number) you can start keying your direct debit instructions and designing your Advance Notice letters immediately.

With Mandate Hosted you can still download all your usual Bacs reports and process those in the same way you would do with our easy to use Mandate Express.

  • Download ARUDD reports and automatically allocate the unpaid direct debits to the appropriate account. It even allows you to set up an automatic re-presentation at the appropriate time. If a failed direct debit notice is required Mandate can prepare that automatically.
  • Download ADDACS reports for Bacs and have all of the direct debit changes and cancellations processed automatically.

Benefits of a hosted service

  • You can access Mandate Hosted from anywhere you can connect to the web.
  • No large capital outlay for software or hardware, substantially reducing the cost of entry into direct debit collection.
  • No need to worry about hardware or software maintenance.
  • Backups taken daily and stored offsite.
  • Substantial cost benefits over a bureau service.

Some help with the acronyms.

  • ADDACS - Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service.
  • ARUDD - Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits.
  • SUN - Service User Number.