Postcode Lookup

Our Direct Debit Software, Mandate, is designed to make your business life as simple as possible. With this in mind, Mandate offers its users the option to automatically find an address based on its post code. When a user needs to enter an address they can simply type in the postcode and Mandate will do the rest. The system will automatically fill in the street name, town and county based on the post code entered. The only detail the user will need to fill in is the house or building number of the property.

The address lookup service can be provided either at street level or down to premises level. The service is kept completely up to date with regular updates from the Royal Mail. With over 29 million addresses stored in the database, it ensures the user enters addresses in a consistent and accurate format improving the quality of your data.

Benefits of Postcode Lookup

  • Uses the Royal Mail PAF Database
  • Frequent Updates

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