PostcodeIT Software - Fill Addresses From Postcode Accurately and Quickly

PostcodeIT offers a cost effective solution to access address data directly from the Royal Mail PAF® file. We hold over 29 million addresses in our database. Using PostcodeIT improves efficiency by reducing the keystrokes required when entering data and ensures accuracy and a consistent style. As the solution is provided as a web service we ensure the data is updated frequently ensuring you always have the most accurate and up to date information.

Flexible Licensing - in your website

If you accept orders or collect address information on your website, the pay per click model is the most appropriate and adding an address lookup will make your site more user friendly and attract more customers.

Clicks can be purchased in a block as small as 1000 clicks, meaning the cost to get started is minimal. You can purchase clicks in blocks appropriate to your website traffic. Prices start from as little as £40 for 1000 clicks.

Flexible Licensing - on your desktop applications

Clicks can be purchased for your desktop applications in blocks as small as 1000, or alternatively if your volumes are higher you can buy individual licences at £220 for a user licence with unlimited clicks.

If you would like some help in deciding the licensing most appropriate to your business, please give us a call on 01355 272641 or make a quick enquiry for more information. We'll be happy to help.

In summary

  • Hosted service reduces your investment and start-up costs.
  • Minimises keystrokes when entering address data saving you time.
  • Consistent layout and formatting of address data.
  • Uses the Royal Mail PAF® file (Postal Address File).
  • User licences include helpdesk support and monthly updates.
  • Flexible licensing allowing you to license users or pay per click for public facing websites.
  • Includes all 28 million addresses in the UK.

Part PAF or Full PAF?

  • Part PAF provides address information from the postcode down to street level.
  • Full PAF gives a more detailed access to the database and provides address information right down to the individual premises and the organisation names for a given postcode.